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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  November 19, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EST

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we knew it was bad. the national weather service confirmed it. the clean up is on after the tornado hit us. the trial began after a man shot a family pet at a ballpark. we say thank you to a great leader who taught young men to fight their way off city streets that story is just ahead on this friday morning. >> thank goodness it's friday. >> good morning maryland. >> let's get to all the weather before we get to the news of the day. >> we're going to continue to talk about this. it's higher, extreme weather here for baltimore, now a tornado was confirmed and baltimore county. charlie was out there. we've seen 80 to 100 miles per
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hour, consider this as the add to the list of 2010 two blizzards in february alone that gave us 50 inches of snow with many of you actually reporting more snow than that. 105-degree heat all lanes open as ewe approach the beltway, traffic flowing pretty freely here. accident has cleared up, good news all the lanes on the vw parkway re-opened. those earlier delays have cleared out pretty quickly. we are working a new crash now
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in west baltimore that's at sequoia avenue still dealing with -- just and we are getting word of single car crash on the inner loop as you approach route 2. ten minutes after 6:00. they're back in their homes. they have a long way to go. people live in the dutchville apartments begin their clean up after tornado ripped through their community forcing them out. sherry johnson is out there. >> reporter: good morning. they still have a lot of clean up in this area. take a look behind me, this is just one of the apartment buildings that has been condemned. you can see there's a sign on the front of the door, there, that let's people know this is not someplace where you're going to be able to live again. basically yesterday they let them go in for a few moments, pick up some personal belongings they were escorted right back out. you can see the uprooted trees, they still have a long way to go.
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again, the national weather service confirmed yesterday that a tornado did cut through and then took aim right here in northeast baltimore. you can see there's still spot sheets of plywood in the trees as people return to see what was left of their homes yesterday. the storm damaged more than 350 homes in this area, but the city has condemned 54 units in these apartment complexes alone. the storm ripped off roofs an the 80-mile an hour winds turned 2x4s into javelins hitting anything in their path. >> the wind, whatever it was, lift my car up in the front and the front part of my car is on the curb, then there's a car on top of my curb and that car on top of another car. >> reporter: back out here to live, some parts of the apartment complex look a lot better today then there are other parts like right here where they still have a lot of clean up to go.
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but all in all looks a lot better than it did on wednesday morning. >> the american red cross continues to take donations because they want to help those people out where sherry is live. so you can donate. you can text your donations to the american red cross, $10 by texting react which is 50555 or you can call 410, 6,242,000 that's the number. >> we'll continue to follow the storm clean up, head to our web site for the latest information, you can also check us out on facebook, become a fan and follow us there online as well. randall town woman shot nine times by her husband is how recovering. police say the woman was able to get out of the home with her eight-year-old son and her husband terrence wilson barricaded himself inside for around four hours yesterday morning before killing himself. police say the couple had a
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history of domestic problems. county detectives say they were at the couple's home as recently as tuesday night. five minutes after 6:00. new this morning a woman who police say was set on fire in howard county by her homeless boyfriend has died. friends we spoke with over night say that pamela meyers pass 9 away yesterday morning after suffering severe burns. rick is expected to be charged with her murder. the two have been dating an witnesses say he poured a two liter bottle of gasoline on her and lit her on fire. friends plan to hold memorial service at 1:30. next week families will sit down for thanksgiving dinner, but hundreds here in baltimore are going to have an empty seats. murder victims came together to support one another. some are still waiting for police to find their son's killer. all of them are trying to deal
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with the grief on their own. >> this was my family. and it makes it easy because we share the same grief that's why it's easier for us to talk with each other. >> they feel most if not all of them could be solved if those with -- with those with information will come forward and tell police what they know. police say leslie johnson was involved in crime and they want nothing to do with her. johnson was arrested last week with her husband out going county executive. he allegedly accepted 15 grand from a developer and federal investigators heard him on tape tell his wife to flush $100,000 check down the toilet. and hide money in her bra as well. election officials say there is no state law to prevent leslie johnson from being sworn into
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office. the case of sigh beerian husky shot and killed by an off duty federal officer will be heard by a judge this afternoon. in august officer keith shepherd was charged with animal cruelty after shooting bear bear the dog after a park. the dog was attacking his dog and he couldn't break up the fight so he shot bear bear. now, this case was initially dismissed, however it was re- opened after huge public outcries. >> they're at the corner of broadway, it will for ever be a place where adults my age go by and remember the gym -- i mean, all the -- thousands of people, black and white -- no matter where they came for, when they got to the gym matt lewis was there to give them discipline, teach them respect, how to work hard and develop into fine
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adults. >> boxing legend remembering mack lewis tonight. family shared stories about mr. mack and the impact he had on young boxers. he died during the past weekend. he was known as the premier boxing instructors. there is a wake coming up later this morning at 10:00 followed by funeral at 11:00. 8 minutes after 6:00. the tsa is not backing down this morning on its new more intrusive security airports. americans prepare to travel millions of miles all over for the thanksgiving holiday, more of them are complaining about the pat downs and body scanners that they're going to face next week. abc emily is this mitt is in washington with the details. >> reporter: this is new airline security view making so many passengers getting over exposed. full body packed downs in every
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airport. full body scanners in 60 airports. drawing complaints. >> you touch my junk, i'm going to have you arrested. >> she came all the way up my arms and between my breast and up under my breast and around. and all inside -- >> do i understand the sensitivities of people, yes, if you're asking am i gong to change the policies, no. >> reporter: the measures are necessary to keep people safe. the agency points to these photos of marijuana, whiskey and even knives that full body scanners caught. and the tsa modified some policies exempting children under 12 after a course of complaints. critics say, it's not enough. >> we had to take off our shoes, liquid we have to take out our liquid. now we're being groped. what's next, the gynecologist. >> reporter: john mike coo wants airports to hire private
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security contractors. they warrants, he will prosecute anyone who inappropriately passengers during a pat down. the tsa is responding to complaints by hosting a mid section on its web site saying there are so many rumors it's important to get everyone on the same page. emily smith abc news washington. we dreaded showing our parents the old report card. others loved showing people we made the honor role. this morning we get a look at the national report card, how it says american children are doing. plus you can take a toll -- smoking can take a toll on your lungs, new study shows it can be taking a toll on your appearance as well. gq come median releases its gq men of the year. we're going to head up to new york and get a latest on business news happening. good morning, we begin your
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report with more homeowners paying their mortgages on time. new figures show the number of households on -- theliest level since the beginning of 2009. delinquencies declined modifications, evictions and improved economy. ben is firing back at critics of latest move to growth. and a speech in germany, argues china and other countries are forcing his hands by keeping their currencies artificially weak. jumped on their first day of training. 3.6%. and time warner cable will begin testing a new tv package next week to prevent customers from canceling their service. it includes about 50 channels and cost about half as much as the current plan. that is your money report. i'm denita maiier.
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a snapshot of education in america. it is called the nation's report card. >> it looks at how far american children have come and how far they still have to go. ron reports. >> reporter: this nation's report card was not one that many parents would like to see brought home. the latest show many high school seniors are graduating unable to read at grade level. one in four can't read at even the most basic level. >> this is education electrocardiogram. what it says we're not making progress fast enough. >> the results were a slight improvement. >> i find it difficult to get excited about a 2 point increase. i'm happy it didn't go down. >> reporter: over all the findings were alarming.
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52,000 high school seniors nationwide took the reading exam, the average score was two points higher than 2005 but four points below 1992 levels. math scores were also up slightly. education sectarianny said today in a statement, today's reports suggests that high school seniors achievement in reading and math isn't rising fast enough to prepare them to succeed in college and careers. when you drew that to the numbers picture even more sobering. just 26% were proficient in math. the latest report also found that the scores of black and latino 12th graders lagged behind those of whites and asians. >> it's a long way to go. we've got -- first of all we have to worry about the staff, even though some kids are performing well, whole groups of kids are not. >> reporter: earlier another report found 12% of african-
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american boys in 4th grade were proficient in math and reading. that's compared to 48% of their counterparts proficient in reading and 44% in math. >> that gap is a gig gap and recent numbers suggest that that gap has not changed. good morning. it's 6:16. we are taking a look at satellite. this is a backdrop just from 210 this morning where you can see those clouds just to our north and west. there has been intrusion in some clouds with northwesterly flow starting to invade. there may be a mix of clouds which may cut down on sun glare for the morning commute. this is going to be a mix for morning hours looks like we should improve as we head through this afternoon. the sky and the winds. temperatures stayed chilly. we start off at 38. which is actually above normal. the cloud cover for that. we're still oozing in a fresh
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surge. they're normally much cooler that's a sign of cloud cover acting as a blanket over night. and we have those breezes still out at northwest rather dusty. occasional 10 to 20 miles an hour. watch the hours shrink up. we should have near -- very light breeze during the day. so it looks like an improvement watch the wind push from the south and southwest. that is going to be the push of warmer air as we head through the start of the weekend. may drop it down a little bit. we've got high pressure that's actually building in that attract our north and influx of snow bands to our north it's going to be a memory by this afternoon. we have a cold front and developing storm system on the other side. as it flies up the coast giving us at least clear skies through tomorrow. we start to shift those wind and watch development of the storm here that will impact us just because of the travel for the holiday. we jumped right past today. i think we'll get back with extended forecast. that's where i'm going to get
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through. partly sunny skies this morning. 29 over night. let's go to tomorrow we're looking for 56. mid-30s and try to repeat that on sunday. maybe slightly cooler in some spots because of that wind shift. back up to 59 on monday. watch the next developing storm, i'm sure a lot of people are going to be talking abthis, maybe the copy machine at schools. 65 on tuesday. we'll cover with some rain tuesday night and wednesday. watch rain possibly heavy on thanksgiving morning. those fellow turkey trotters could be dealing with stormy weather. falling on thanks giving day, there's a good possibility that thanksgiving day ends with snow showers an possibly some snow showers in a sharply colder post thanksgiving weekend. stay tuned. right now let's pay attention. >> few travels this morning, coming out of hatcher county you're not going to encounter any problems. we look here at the harrisburg
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expressway. live look at -- traffic moves freely. no major problems or delays as we take a peak at our map. around the beltway we have an accident -- as you approach route 2. that blocks the left shoulder not affecting traffic too much at this time. traffic lights out up in -- that's going to be at the intersection at ridgely road and york road just treat that as a four way stop. meg gap and charlie, back to you. >> time now 6:19. in your health news. if you've been thinking about quitting smoking you might need a little extra motivation, tells us how smoking can be taking a toll on the way we look. >> smoking not only damages your lungs, it can damage your looks. kind of a appearance of the skin and the skin becomes a little bit more courser and yellowish looking. there are definitely more lines. >> the prematurely and takes on a sun damaged look.
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not what he wants to hear. he's been smoking off and on for 9 years. >> i would love to be able to give it up. >> reporter: it can also change looks of other parts of the body. >> it's not a very pretty picture. >> reporter: only noticed a little yellows of his teeth. >> i don't want to look beyond my years that i am. i want to be 31. i want to look 40. i don't want to look 60 or 65. which were he's tried to stop smoking several times. ' now determined to kick the habit. >> don't start. don't ever pick one up. >> reporter: it can make you look old before your time. for today's health minute i'm christy paul. >> 20 minutes after 6:00. sometimes weekend working on the car engine. >> one engine didn't need anything taken away. it had a guest inside that needed to be taken out. you have got to see this.
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6:24 for a piece of hollywood history for $5 million you can hone the manhattan apartment -- you can own the home of manhattan apartment being completely renovated. butties, brains and voice appears -- entertainers new commercial for fragrance is too hot for young children, that's according to britain's advertising. the ad will not be aired before 7:00 at night in great britain. jeff bridges and steven
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coal bear all have in common. well, they have have been named gq men of the year along with the men gq also picked scarlet joe hanson, she is babe of the year and there's a couple ryan reynolds is named people magazine's magazine sexiest man alive. >> he has a new movie coming out 127 hours about the rock climber who was wedged in between a rock. they say the movie is unbelievable. texting and driving is illegal. eating and driving is not. >> might want to think twice after eating behind the wheel after he started choking. the explosion that saved his life inside his car.
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a tornado hit wednesday in parts of baltimore county and the city. but residents of one apartment complex had more than just damaged apartments to deal with this morning. county voters elected her county council, the reason they're thrown off they want it done because she's sworn in. combination of radar detectors and iphone.
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it's learning people more about speed traps. we'll tell you all abthat on this friday morning. welcome for the morning show. >> it is november 19th. 6:28. >> i drive probably 20 miles under the speed limit. my husband, though, that might be a good christmas present. >> it will be price wise. we'll tell you about that coming up. >> first, let' get to meteorologist. >> good morning to you, a couple of days ago, charlie was out there reporting on the tornadoes. guy actually likes weather. it can be fun. high of actually compiled a list of all the records we had in the past year in maryland. i wanted it to highlight for you. we had a confirmed ef1, 20 and 0 in baltimore that's wind speeds between 80 and 100 miles per hour more of that coming up. extreme weather gear, blizzards with 50 inches


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